Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pacific Rim!

So my wife and I went to see Pacific Rim Sunday. Was the story amazing? Not particularly. Was it long? Yeah I mean it's 2.5hrs.....but fuck! I had a freaking blast watching this movie and it honestly didn't feel long. I love Mako, Gieszler and Gottlieb followed closely by Pentecost. But the movie really is about Mako so I had to do a "partial" fan art of her! I haven't done fan art in a long time and I am honestly quite busy so I just cheated and painted her eyes and hair for my computer wallpaper :D

Mako Mori (1600 x 1200) Feel free to use for your computer. I would be honored!

She is a really cool character and her back story is far more interesting than mister plain toast action hero lead Raleigh Becket. Her story is beautifully shot and I think it takes the pie in the film.

I got myself a job!

I seemed to disappear then reappear depending on what my school scheduled was but that is all over now. I graduated in June and had a short week off before starting at my new job. I am super amped about landing a spot on the flash animation team at Floyd County Productions!

I have been there just over 1 month and it has been an incredible learning experience for me so far. I had a spell of self doubt and some intense anxiety questioning my skills my first month at work. But that has nearly passed by now and I need to just enjoy the fact that I got to help on episode 1 of Season 5 Archer! Probably my favorite show on television right now so what's to panic about? We have started pre-production on Chozen which is where I will be animating.

During my first 2 weeks I was lucky enough to catch a super fun project and worked on some inbetweening and clean up for a few of the lead animators. I can't say what the show was BUUUUUT I will announce here on my blog when I can and be all "I animated that hand!" and "Cleaned up that action!" just to claim what little involvement I had on the project...hahaha