Sunday, March 27, 2011

Henri Toulouse Lautrec & Burlesque dancers

Last night Linda, Sarah, and I went to the Henri Toulouse Lautrec exhibit at the High Art museum.
We showed up on a beautiful foggy night
When we first arrived there was about an hour until the burlesque show so we checked out this...interesting band. To me it was literally just noise, screaming, and feedback but hey some people are into that.
The whole Museum was themed vintage french for the event. Here's Linda and Sarah sitting down in the lounge next to the concert stage.
The burlesque show was okay. I am too short and people wouldn't let me to the front to take pictures so this one was blind as I held my camera over my head. hahah.
After the show there was a 45min clothed figure drawing session. I actually preferred this more even though my drawings didn't come out very good.
Finally the main event! They had these "actors" walking around themed that would interact with you. Here are some photos of the girls and the accordion guy. :)
It was so cool to see these pieces in person, I'm totally psyched Sarah clued us into this event.
And my kick!
Ciao people.

I'm free!

Free of overbearing workloads, stressful meetings, impossible deadlines, incompetence, depression, and hypertension. I did sacrifice a shitty salary but it's been worth it! My mental and physical health is much more important than a paycheck; for now at least :)

Here are some photos of my last day of work celebration. We went to Top Flr in downtown ATL. They have THE best macaroni ever! i know it sounds silly but seriously that shit is AMAZING!
Here's the whole gang hanging outside after we ate. Jim is mysteriously missing i think he's one of the blurs walking in the back.
During my time in between work and school I am going to spoil myself and actually enjoy life with my wife :) I've turned my portfolio into SCAD and I'm waiting to see how much money I can get. I am also going to to take this time to continue life drawing, from life drawing, and begin teaching myself Maya!