Monday, September 24, 2012

Muybridge Cycles

In my rotoscoping class our first assignment is to roto a selected Muybridge cycle. I chose the cat and for class tomorrow we needed to explore 3 different art directions. Check them out.

1. Based on the fantastic short by Ryan Woodward Thought of You.

2. Influenced by the heavenly digital painting style of Chinese mànhuà artist Benjamin. (Zhang Bin)

3. This one isn’t based on any particular artist, maybe some Nicolas Marlet with his squiggly lines? But the concept is for it to pulse like an EKG machine.
So hopefully this is obvious but we start with the skeletal structure, then we do the same cycle with full body, but that too needs to be a separate style from these 3. So stay tuned for those concepts in a week or so.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Animation Basics

Just began my first animation class this quarter. Something I probably should have taken before my Stop Motion class so I knew what the fuck "timing", "anticipation" and  lot more jargon meant but hey we learn right.

Project 1: Bouncing Ball.

Project 01 Bouncing Ball Pencil from efmuok on Vimeo.
The class does each project in 2D then 3D. I feel I went quite heavy on the squash/stretch in the 2D so I dialed it down in the 3D bounce. Enjoy.
Project 01 Bouncing Ball 3D from efmuok on Vimeo. I revisited the bouncing ball. Cleaned it up digitally and re-timed.

Bouncing Ball ReWorked Digital from efmuok on Vimeo.

Open Model Session 1

Participated in my first open model session yesterday morning and got in 2hrs of sketching. I only did the 1 min gestures but I had the chance to draw both male and female forms. Good fun! Oddly enough they both wore their hair in a bun...

I am going to work on gaining confidence back into my line quality. I feel I still spend to much time going back and fourth between the model and my paper. I will be training myself to draw the poses from memory so I can concentrate more of the image in my head rather than referencing the life model.

We are reading Vilppu Drawing Manual which discusses this technique for anyone interested.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gestures & observation drawing shall no longer me by enemy!

So this is the second week of school but what I consider to be the first official week since week one is usually just an introduction. I am in two classes this quarter that both require separate sketchbook filled with gesture and observational drawings, something I admittedly struggle with. This is a great opportunity to hopefully improve these skills since they are so important to animation. On that note here is the first set from my session today in the cafe on campus.

Rusty and kinda awkward but I hope in 10 weeks vast improvements will be visible! I will be attending the life drawing session on Friday mornings just for extra material and practice each week so stay posted and look for improvement.