Saturday, September 22, 2012

Animation Basics

Just began my first animation class this quarter. Something I probably should have taken before my Stop Motion class so I knew what the fuck "timing", "anticipation" and  lot more jargon meant but hey we learn right.

Project 1: Bouncing Ball.

Project 01 Bouncing Ball Pencil from efmuok on Vimeo.
The class does each project in 2D then 3D. I feel I went quite heavy on the squash/stretch in the 2D so I dialed it down in the 3D bounce. Enjoy.
Project 01 Bouncing Ball 3D from efmuok on Vimeo. I revisited the bouncing ball. Cleaned it up digitally and re-timed.

Bouncing Ball ReWorked Digital from efmuok on Vimeo.

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