Monday, January 25, 2010

MITW Update

Whadup? So I have a quick post tonight on the Music in the Woods poster. I waited a week or so for some feedback on my thumbnails...and heard nothing, so I went ahead and started on concept number 6. It was one of my favorites and was well received. So I started painting it and of course when I was like 50% finished I find out that they like concept 3! WTF?! Well here's my progress so far and i think i will do both 3 and 6 because I like where 6 is going and I think it'll be a better poster!

Concept 6 Progress

Monday, January 18, 2010

Music in the Woods

Yes, yes I know it's been a long long time since I've posted. I'm sure all 5 of you that might be following my blog are probably dying to know "Jeff what have you been up to?" Well things have actually been busy.

Being that I'm engaged, this winter break I took my second vacation to Taiwan to put in some face time with the future in laws but more importantly RELAX. Fuck I was seriously stressed out at work and a little depressed. I'm much better now :)

Where's whitie?

Also I was e-mailed to build a website again this year for a Harvard law school club since they like what we (Linda, Ming, and I) did last year. So that's some extra cash I will need for sure to filter into the wedding...or maybe some tattoos. But no, mostly likely to pay down my credit card after that ring O_O shit's expensive!

Finally, I'm trying to lose about...30lbs for the wedding. I was doing pretty good before the Taiwan trip, I had lost 9lbs but I need to get back into my routine. Jon that means I can't eat all that fast food then falling asleep on my sofa.

Now onto what this post is about sans my boring introduction...

The Music in the Woods! Lets see, how to explain this? Linda's studio manager is friends with the person that runs the solar music festival in Greenville SC; Music in the Woods. Last year they held a design competition at Linda's work for the graphic designers to design the poster. I entered with Linda even though I'm not technically employed there and like a couple of assholes we won...haha but this year the festival organizers would like to use my little tree ent guy as the "mascot" for the festival so I'm doing the poster again. Here's my process thus far and I'll make sure to post as it progresses.

So I began with a bunch of quick thumbnails...Then chose my favorites and sent them over to Linda to check out. After that we both agreed that 3, 6, and 9 were the strongest to pursuit.


The difficult thing is that they want to list all the bands...last year there was about 15 or so. The list must also be editable in a PDF format by someone who isn't a graphic designer. Basically they want the bands in a very simple column and then a map with directions...

Last years poster

So from there I took concepts 3,6,and 9 and whipped up some cleaner digital sketches to send off to the MITW people to review. I personally love 9 because I have in my head how I want to paint the sky...but 6 is my second favorite! 3 is just an update to last years poster.

Concept 3

Concept 6

Concept 9

Hope you all enjoyed and check back because I plan on updating more often. We've started our wedding planning and I'll probably post up some stuff.