Monday, January 25, 2010

MITW Update

Whadup? So I have a quick post tonight on the Music in the Woods poster. I waited a week or so for some feedback on my thumbnails...and heard nothing, so I went ahead and started on concept number 6. It was one of my favorites and was well received. So I started painting it and of course when I was like 50% finished I find out that they like concept 3! WTF?! Well here's my progress so far and i think i will do both 3 and 6 because I like where 6 is going and I think it'll be a better poster!

Concept 6 Progress

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J.Wang said...

yeah, wtf. loving this concept so far and love how you did the fisheye/warp perspective. keep at it and and hopefully they'll end up choosing this one over 3 (although i do like 3 as well). Either way, i think you have a win win situation.

Also, really? audrey kawasaki? I do love her work and this is the first time i've heard of this (then again, not much of my friends know audrey's work....then again, i dont have much friends, hahaha). But, i will say that my eyes are very influenced (but not copied!) by audrey....kinda have that melancholy look to it.