Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm back....and engaged. Holy shit.

Yeah it's true.....I popped the question and she said yup. Well it was more like a "Yes you idiot of course!" I think anyone who reads this blog has access to face book so check out my fiancé's page to see the proposal. And wow that sounds so fucking weird to say....fiancé. Anyways, i will post this gif I made to embarrass her. ^_^

Blogger doesn't support animated gif so click here!!!

Now onto the post. A friend of mine contacted me about a tattoo he wanted. I've know this guy my entire life so I'm stoked he asked me to help design it. This is the first concept.

His request was very broad so it left lots of room for me to sketch which was great. I knew it had to be a tree that was alive but starting to die with some falling leaves and that it would go on the side of his torso (ouch!). I hope he digs it and I'll continue to post as it gets updated. I wasn't' sure if he wanted color/shading or not so I sketched with a pen to keep strong line work that color and chiaroscuro could build off.(chiaroscuro...yay intro to drawing class!)