Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm free!

Free of overbearing workloads, stressful meetings, impossible deadlines, incompetence, depression, and hypertension. I did sacrifice a shitty salary but it's been worth it! My mental and physical health is much more important than a paycheck; for now at least :)

Here are some photos of my last day of work celebration. We went to Top Flr in downtown ATL. They have THE best macaroni ever! i know it sounds silly but seriously that shit is AMAZING!
Here's the whole gang hanging outside after we ate. Jim is mysteriously missing i think he's one of the blurs walking in the back.
During my time in between work and school I am going to spoil myself and actually enjoy life with my wife :) I've turned my portfolio into SCAD and I'm waiting to see how much money I can get. I am also going to to take this time to continue life drawing, from life drawing, and begin teaching myself Maya!

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