Friday, August 31, 2012

Ending the summer with a bang

So over the summer I had a wave of unexpected projects. Below is a small teaser of one I am wrapping up in the next few months. If all goes well the app should come out around October. Once I get the go ahead I can post actual work. I had a great time doing all the animations and menu artwork for this game working with Crystal Fish Entertainment, LLC and Growums.

In other news I just finished up a motion graphic video for PayPal and joined a small team of app developers here in ATL called Gamer Media Partners. For those in the ATL area attending Dragon Con check out the basement for their booth.I will be helping out with artwork for future phone apps.
Now the question of how in the hell am I going to fit my classes in my scheduled. Damn you art school for being so expensive and forcing me to this!

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