Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Other character sheets and Zoe refined

The class was split 6 and 6 between frank and Zoe. He was my "favorite" but I felt that my Zoe would push me more since she is a more "realistic" character which i don't' do very often....

Frank is a volunteer firefighter. With a jacket on loan patched up with duck tape he acts like a hard-ass in front of the other firefighters. But when he gets into the heat he shows his true teddy bear character. Frank is passionate about helping all living things.

Here's the first pitch for Zoe. My professor wanted me to do some variation on her face since he felt it was very pixar-ish. I did about 5 new faces and landed on the second concept you see below. I am happy with her and looking forward to feedback tomorrow :D
Here are the revisions I made on Zoe. Next we move to color...but before then I am going to do some research on her accessories..some goggle and glove design, the little things y'know.

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sillysylvie11 said...

I like the revisons! A very cool character, she is my favorite of the three!