Saturday, January 7, 2012

Character Silhouettes

Pick your fav

First project from my advanced character modeling class this quarter. I'm amped for this class even though I am in WAY over my head. Basically the class is as follows.

1. Design character from silhouette drawings, min of 25.(Never done this before and that shit is hard until you wrap your head around it)

2. Refine character in style-sheet.(no prob)

3. Render character in color. (no prob)

4. Model from super sculpy. (Luckily this winter break I experimented :D)

5. Model character in Maya (Never used this program OH NO!!!)

5. Detail in ZBrush (We will be learning yes!)

6. Paint CAD model in Photoshop. (Should be no problem)

7. Final rendering in Maya. (hopefully it's similar to Alias...)

But yes this should be a great portfolio piece so stay tuned I will be posting all my character development as well as sketch book exercises.

The refined character (I had to choose 3)

1 comment:

Alex Marshall said...

Silhouettes are looking good man. I liked the ones you refined. 21 looked interesting too.