Sunday, May 8, 2011

Citroen Bijou Sketch

So now that I am going into animation...I need to begin to draw things I previously refused to such as cars. Some may find this surprising seeing that every Industrial Designer and their mother loves to draw cars, but not Jeff. Well I do LOVE old cars. So I decided to draw probably my favorite vintage car, the Citroen Bijou in the the style of on of my favorite artists, Willie Real.
Sketched with a colored pencil then inked with my brush pen. I am still learning how to use that freaking thing! I can't seem to get the flow right so my lines are, how about we go with "textured" :)

P.S. I just got a new medium tone sketchpad and I've been having lots of fun with it including a Chew fanart and a fanart of an Indiana Jones fanart I just bought the original of! I will post shortly.


sillysylvie11 said...

I love it! awesome! I think the brush pen is workin' for ya!

city said...

thanks for sharing.