Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MITW Completed!

Finally I am finished! Well, until the client makes a change ;) But seriously she really liked it so hopefully Linda will lay the text out for me and we'll be completed. I'm actually really happy with this one I think it improved lots since last year.

Also, the festival people talked about maybe making t-shirts with my little ent on them so that will be cool. I want so badly to sew up some plushies and sell them at the festival but I already have so much on my plate. Work is fucking nuts with 17 new toys I'm responsible for designing and or managing out, I've started a second secret blog (if you're interested private message me), I still need to finish Bernie's poster, I just moved into a new apartment this past weekend and I need to find some time to repair/clean the old one, I've only lost about 8lb of my 30lb goal, trying to play more guitar, and I'm less than 1/2 a year away from getting married. Fuck me.

Anyways, how's life for all of you my five readers?Good that's awesome! In light of the festival I shall share with you my other, other, blog, well vlog?

I suppose this one isn't so secret but here I am, efmuok, being an emo fuck. (Now my handle is exposed!) But I don't play in front of people anymore...well not without my web cam so you won't find me playing at the festival only watching:) ciao people!

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