Sunday, August 2, 2009

I'm a cat!

Lucian is always up to no good when it comes to changing our bedsheets. Typically we resort to locking him out of the bedroom where he sits and whines because he wants to play under them.

He starts by bolting into the bedroom when he hears us shaking the sheets and dives under...
"Ooomm. They're warm and smell good!"

As we cover the bed he keeps running under the newly tucked sections eventually resulting in this
Lucian come out. "No!"
Please? "No it's too cozy!"

Now once fully under the sheets if you try to pull him out he starts running away on his belly, meowing, and growling at you all "No! Leave me alone!!! I'm hiding in here go away! O_O!"

He was pretty rambunctious that night and I later found him staring at his own shadow when I went to feed him before bed.
"Meow. Peter Pan was an idot!"

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